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eBooks in Environmental and Earth Sciences

With more than 1,200 eBooks and another 150 added each year, the Springer Environmental and Earth Sciences program serves research and academic communities around the globe, covering the diverse fields of biomedicine, food sciences, environmental sciences and plant sciences.

Features of Springer's Environmental and Earth Sciences eBook collection 

Among the many features of Springer's Environmental and Earth Sciences eBook collection are:
  • More than 1,200 eBooks, with 150 added each year
  • Unlimited downloading or printing
  • Searchablility on the chapter level
  • Seamless intergration with Springer journals
  • Portability so you can read them on a laptop, e-reader, or iPhone
  • Access to a full range of books, including textbooks, handbooks, reference works, and book series

Popular eBook titles 

eReferences and textbooks 

Book series 

Introducing MyCopy

Springer a unique eBook service available to patrons from libraries that have purchased one or more Springer eBook Collections.

A new option for researchers 

MyCopy allows library patrons to order their own personal soft cover edition of those Springer eBooks included in their library's eBook package. Tens of thousands of eBooks are available in this format. Best of all, MyCopy is available to end users for just 24.99. (This is the cost to the individual user including handling and shipping. Personal copy not for resale).
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MyCopy benefits to researchers 

  • Competitive pricing: Library patrons obtain MyCopy editions at the excellent price of 24.99. Best of all, this price includes shipping & handling.
  • The choice is at your fingertips: Meet your individual research needs by accessing two different content formats: print & electronic whenever you need it.
  • Vast number of eBooks to choose from: The MyCopy offer is currently valid for tens of thousands of eBooks. Springer is dedicated to steadily introduce more and more eBooks to the MyCopy format.

More information

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Information for librarians 

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