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Handbook of Global Environmental Pollution

Handbook of Global Environmental Pollution

Series Editors: Brimblecombe, P., Lal, R., Stanley, R., Trevors, J.

The aim of this comprehensive reference is to provide concise, rigorous, scientific information on pollution in all its forms, the consequences of pollution and solutions to pollution.

The entries will be structured to allow rapid retrieval of the desired information. For more detailed reading, each entry will be followed by  up to 10 references. The individual entries will be written by authorities  in the respective area of research to ensure state-of-the-art descriptions.

The Encyclopedia will be an invaluable companion for researchers in pollution. Moreover, it will prove useful for individuals working in related professions such as consulting, teaching and risk assessment or for those simply interested in pollution.

Content will be available as a set of about 10 print volumes with alphabetically arranged "reviews".

The Encyclopedia aims to:

  • include 100/150 topics per subsection
  • include extensive cross-referencing
  • enable the reader to locate the maximum amount of information on a given topic 

Each contribution will include 2 or 3 levels of information:

  • Level 1: keywords and an abstract for the "review", taking approximately half a page. Written by the contributing authors to introduce the subject and provide an overview leading to the main part of the review.
  • Level 2: this is t
he main article for the topic and will cover the subject in depth. It will be approximately 4 ½ to 7 ½ pages in length. It will contain relevant and necessary details of the recent advances, the future, and knowledge gaps associated with the topic.

  • Level 3: 5 to 10 key references for further study will be provided. This level will be particularly useful for practitioners, but also for senior undergraduates, postgraduates and as advanced study / reference material.
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