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Our publications include reference works, textbooks, monographs, proceedings, and open access content, with contributions from leading academic institutions and international companies. Among our most reputable publications are Topics in Current Chemistry and Lecture Notes in Chemistry.


Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry focuses on the identification and quantification of chemical substances. In our extensive range for analytical chemistry, you will find many reference works for teaching and research. The range of books is supplemented by journals on analytical chemistry. Springer's Journal of Analytical Science and Technology is one of the most internationally influential and widely read scientific journals on analytical chemistry. Other outstanding publications are the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry and the textbook Mass Spectrometry.


Find textbooks, book series or journals in our biochemistry area. The well-stocked Springer publishing program includes both renowned reference works for teaching and research as well as current new publications, for example on molecular biology or pathobiochemistry. Our first-class titles include JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, Bioanalytical Reviews and the Encyclopedia of Membranes.


Our publishing house offers a wide range of books and journals on the latest developments in biotechnology. We cover numerous sub-disciplines of biotechnology: from molecular biotechnology to medical biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, and white biotechnology. Highlights include the World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology and Springer Handbook of Marine Biotechnology. In addition to scientific publications, the Springer biotechnology publishing program also offers suitable literature for beginners and undergraduate students.


Springer publishes current research results, journals, books and other publications on the special field of catalysis within chemistry. Here you will find accessible book series and journals for teachers, researchers and interested readers from the industry. Choose from our catalysis textbooks, professional books and the latest monographs on the subject. Our major titles include Catalysis Letters and the book series Fundamental and Applied Catalysis. All Catalysis titles are available as hardcover and eBooks for direct download.


Springer publishes renowned journals and book series on the interdisciplinary science of electrochemistry. In our online shop, students, scientists, and specialists will find the right specialist literature. The range includes publications that convey both basic and expert knowledge, such as the Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, the Encyclopedia of Applied Electrochemistry and the Handbook of Nanoelectrochemistry. Browse our products and take advantage of our convenient services, such as free and worldwide shipping.

Industrial Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

At Springer you can find more than 300 books and journals in the fields of Industrial Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, from which you can choose the most suitable and up-to-date titles for your specialist or research interests. Our publications include the Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technology series and the well-known Handbook of Nuclear Chemistry. These are just a few examples of the numerous special fields in which our specialist books, manuals and monographs present detailed knowledge and application examples of chemical engineering and process engineering to a wide readership in an understandable way.

Inorganic Chemistry

Springer publishes books and journals on inorganic chemistry, which impart profound knowledge from experts in teaching and research. In contrast to organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry deals with elements that do not contain hydrocarbon compounds, including metals, salts, minerals, acids and bases, gases and other chemical compounds. In our textbooks and reference books, various elements, processes, and applications of inorganic chemistry are presented in an understandable and descriptive way. The review series Structure and Bonding and the journal Silicon are among our particularly well-known titles.

Organic Chemistry

Get quickly up to date on the latest scientific developments with our selected books and journals on organic chemistry. At Springer, scientists, researchers, and students will find all relevant publications and reference works as well as the latest research literature for exam preparation. Particularly well-known titles are the reference work Polysaccharides, the textbooks Advanced Organic Chemistry A & B and the leading journal Cellulose. Our traditional book portfolio is expanded by a wide range of online materials, which learners at all levels can use to easily deepen their knowledge of organic chemistry.

Physical Chemistry

Renowned authors and scientists provide information on the basics and interrelationships of physical chemistry, which alongside inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry is a classical yet complex branch of chemistry. Our textbooks on physical chemistry convey basic knowledge that is accessible to non-chemists in bachelor's degree courses as well as chemistry students in their undergraduate or graduate studies. In addition, our publishing house offers current editions of workbooks and journals, such as the series Lecture Notes in Chemistry.

Polymer Science

Springer is the first address when it comes to books or journals on polymer science or macromolecular chemistry. Our range includes all important publications by renowned scientists and industry leaders. In addition to textbooks for chemists, physicists, materials scientists and process engineers, we offer introductory books for students and specialist literature for a broader readership. Well-known publications include the Chinese Journal of Polymer Science, the Encyclopedia of Polymeric Nanomaterials and the series Advances in Polymer Science.

Theoretical & Computational Chemistry

Springer offers a comprehensive selection of current books and authoritative journals on theoretical chemistry and computational chemistry. Our popular reference works are basic literature for teachers, students and researchers and introduce theoretical approaches to chemistry. Notable publications are the Handbook of Computational Chemistry and the series Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics. All book are also available online as eBooks via the Springer Shop.

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