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Physics | What do people say about SpringerBriefs?

What do people say about SpringerBriefs?

I could read them on my iPhone! 

We are of the opinion that most business books are too long. Publishers are often more concerned with the length of a book — and what they can charge — than they are with the actual content. (...) So when we heard about SpringerBriefs we were excited. It seems someone has finally heard us!
Here is what I really think is genius about a 50 page book: I could read it on my iPhone. I don’t have an e-reader, nor do I plan on buying one. (...) As you might imagine reading a book as lengthy as Moby Dick on an iPhone screen is slow going and sometimes painful. But you could zip through a 50-page book in no time (especially when 25% of the pages are charts and graphs)!

Springer well ahead of its time 

As the e-readers do not reach the audience they were made for yet and reading a long text on a screen is still considered somewhat problematic by most of the readers, Springer is well ahead of its time.

Convenient way of communicating to an international audience  

We found the SpringerBriefs a very convenient way of communicating our ideas on investment evaluation to an international audience of informed policymakers and scientists. We had a very positive experience with the professionals at Springer, who allowed us academic freedom while simultaneously maintaining high standards of intellectual and process quality.