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Teaching Physics to Life Science Majors

Originally developed for the author's course at Union College, this text is designed for life science students who need to understand the connections of fundamental physics to modern biology and medicine. Almost all areas of modern life sciences integrally involve physics in both experimental techniques and in basic understanding of structure and function.


This authoritative and engaging text, which is designed to be covered in a two-semester course, was written with a thoroughgoing commitment to the needs and interests of life science students.


  • Course-tested text directed specifically at the needs of Life and Health Science and Pre-medical students
  • Fully integrates biology, biophysics and medical techniques into the presentation of modern physics
  • Profusely illustrated with many color photos and line drawings
  • Chapters contain three types of learning aids for students: open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, and quantitative problems in addition to numerous worked examples
  • Solutions manual available for instructors
Although covering most of the standard topics in introductory physics in a more or less traditional sequence, the author gives added weight and space to concepts and applications of greater relevance to the life sciences. Students benefit from occasional sidebars using calculus to derive fundamental relations, but only algebra and trigonometry are used to explore the basic physical concepts in the main body of the text and to solve end-of-chapter problems.

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