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As a leading publisher in the natural sciences, Springer has almost 10,000 titles in the field of physics. The interdisciplinary range includes didactic textbooks, international journals and the latest research results.

Our publications include the series Lecture Notes in Physics and Graduate Texts in Physics, as well as The European Physical Journal and Communications in Mathematical Physics.


Applied & Technical Physics

The Springer books on technical physics impart basic theoretical as well as application- and practice-related knowledge for physicists, engineers and scientists. Renowned authors deal with nanophysics, fluid mechanics, laser physics, applied nuclear physics, semiconductor technology or physical optics. Our learning and work books contain numerous tasks and solutions and always make reference to practice. Our titles include Applied Physics A and Applied Physics B, the reference work Optical Coherence Tomography and the series Topics in Applied Physics.

Atomic, Molecular, Optical & Plasma Physics

Atomic and molecular physics is not only the basis of physics, it is also a living field of modern research. Especially in the last decades there have been spectacular discoveries which have been awarded Nobel Prizes. Explore the Springer range of publications on this exciting sub-discipline. We offer specialist literature on the phenomena and models of atomic physics as well as modern optical physics. Our range also includes publications with analyses of current developments in modern research such as the EPJ D - Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics and the Springer Series in Atomic, Optical and Plasma Physics.


Biophysics is still a young discipline that combines physics, chemistry, medicine and engineering. The interdisciplinarity is also evident in the thematic breadth of our biophysics books: they are dedicated to cell structure, neuronal signal transmission, biological membranes, evolution, immunology and much more. In addition to research literature, you will find textbooks that introduce you to biological processes and their physical fundamentals. Our titles include EPJ E - Soft Matter and Biological Physics, the European Biophysical Journal, the series Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering and the Encyclopedia of Biophysics.

Classical & Continuum Physics

Even if the theories of Galileo, Newton and other researchers have been radically expanded by new approaches, classical physics still has great significance, especially for technical applications. This discipline, often called Newtonian physics, includes statistical mechanics, continuum mechanics, electrodynamics, acoustics and classical thermodynamics. At Springer you will find descriptive books on all topics which illustrate the physical basics by means of numerous experiments and thus bring classical physics to life. Among our publications are the Springer Handbook of Acoustics, well-known textbooks such as Principles of Musical Acoustics (Hartmann) and the journal Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis.


The investigation of complex and dynamic systems is not only a current topic in physics. In the age of globalization and increasingly confusing living conditions, the focus is on modelling nonlinear processes in nature and society. The aim is to find explanations and prognoses for these processes. These can be, for example, models for climate development or for traffic and population dynamics. Here you will find books that impart theoretical and technical knowledge in order to analyse systems and model them accordingly. In specialist articles, international scientists take stock and point out future research perspectives. Our leading titles include the Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science, the Springer Series in Synergetics and EPJ Data Science.

Condensed Matter Physics

Condensed matter includes both liquid and solid substances. In their experiments, the scientists deal both with basic research and with application-oriented research. The Springer books describe the various forms of condensed matter and illustrate many of these experiments didactically and scientifically. Our titles include the Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences, EPJ B-Condensed Matter and Complex Systems, EPJ E-Soft Matter and Biological Physics and the reference work Semiconductor Physics.

Optics, Lasers, Photonics, Optical Devices

As a branch of physics, optics concentrates on the formation and propagation of light. Our optics books provide an understanding of the basic mechanisms and principles of the origin and properties of light and explore the innovations in modern laser physics in theory and experiment. International journals present the current state of development and research in this field. Our publications include Applied Physics B-Lasers and Optics, the Springer Handbook of Lasers and Optics and the Springer Series in Optical Sciences.

Particle & Nuclear Physics

While particle physics deals with the interactions between elementary building blocks of matter, nuclear physics investigates the structure of the atomic shell and nucleus. Springer's program includes publications for research and teaching. Here you will find books on the theoretical foundations of nuclear physics such as quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics and relativity theory as well as publications on the standard model of elementary particle physics and the latest research reports on the Higgs particles. Our publications include JHEP, EPJ A and EPJ C and the Handbook of Particle Detection and Imaging.

Quantum Physics

Quantum physics is considered to be one of the best researched disciplines of modern science. Quantum physical effects play an important role for LED, transistor, laser or electron microscope. Springer has numerous books in its range that explain the basics and methods of quantum physics in a simple and understandable way to both students and interested laypersons. Our publications include the Compendium of Quantum Physics, the book series Quantum Science and Technology and Fundamental Theories in Physics and the journal Quantum Information Processing.

Theoretical, Mathematical & Computational Physics

Theoretical physics aims to explain the phenomena of nature with the help of mathematical models. Our textbooks familiarize prospective physicists with the most important mathematical concepts and physical theories, such as quantum field theories, string theory, computer physics and, above all, relativity theory. We also keep books that make Einstein's famous theory of relativity comprehensible to everyone without higher mathematics and explain why it is so important for science and everyday life. Our research publications include the leading journal Communications in Mathematical Physics, the Springer Handbook of Spacetime and the series Theoretical and Mathematical Physics.

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