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Christopher Tominich

Christopher Tominich

Senior Editor Mathematics, Birkhäuser

One New York Plaza

Suite 4600

New York, NY 10004

+1 (212) 460 1677

Algebra and Representation Theory

Analysis and Applications of PDEs

Complex Analysis and Applications

Dynamical Systems

Functional Analysis

Harmonic Analysis and Applications

Mathematical Modeling and Simulation

Mathematical Physics

Numerical Analysis

Systems and Control Theory

Industrial and Engineering Statistics

Undergraduate Research in Mathematics

About Me

Within the Birkhäuser program, I am responsible for acquiring all types of book projects across a variety of areas in both pure and applied mathematics. I have 15 years of experience in academic publishing, the majority of which has been in mathematics. In my role as an Editor, I feel it is important to engage with researchers, instructors, students, and professional societies to build collaborative relationships that can support their publishing needs.