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New & Forthcoming Titles | The Language of Mental Health

The Language of Mental Health

The Language of Mental Health

Series Editors: O'Reilly, Michelle, Lester, Jessica Nina

Editorial board: Emily Nusbaum (University of San Francisco, USA) Susan Danby (Queensland University of Technology, Australia) Doug Maynard (University of Wisconsin, USA) Tim Auburn (Plymouth University, UK) Galina Bolden (Rutgers University, USA) Ian Hutchby (Leicester University, UK) Debra Friedman (Indiana University, USA)

A product of Palgrave Macmillan UK

This series brings together rich theoretical and empirical discussion at the intersection of mental health and discourse/conversation analysis. Situated broadly within a social constructionist perspective, the books included within this series will offer theoretical and empirical examples highlighting the discursive practices that surround mental health and make ‘real’ mental health constructs. Drawing upon a variety of discourse and conversation analysis perspectives, as well as data sources, the books will allow scholars and practitioners alike to better understand the role of language in the making of mental health. 

We are very grateful to our expert editorial board who continue to provide support for the book series. We are especially appreciative of the feedback that they have provided on earlier drafts of this book. Their supportive comments and ideas to improve the book have been very helpful in our development of the text. They continue to provide support as we continue to edit the book series ‘the language of mental health’. We acknowledge them here in alphabetical order by surname. 

Tim Auburn, Plymouth University, UK
Galina Bolden, Rutgers University, USA
Susan Danby, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Debra Friedman, Indiana University, USA
Ian Hutchby, University of Leicester, UK
Doug Maynard, University of Wisconsin, USA
Emily A. Nusbaum, University of San Francisco, USA