The Review Process

A unique feature of Adis journals is the involvement of our own expert Editors-in-Chief. These individuals are senior Adis personnel with in-depth content expertise, who are responsible for journal content. Some journals in the portfolio have external Editors-in-Chief supported by in-house journal Editors.

Our editorial team performs an initial appraisal of every submitted manuscript based on timeliness, the interest and importance of the topic, the use of the scientific method, the clarity of presentation (including the standard of English), and the relevance to readers.
If the article is considered suitable to be sent to peer review, it will be reviewed by members of the journal's international Editorial Board and/or other specialists of equal repute. These individuals are recruited by the editorial team based on their expertise and standing in their field. Reviewers are required to disclose potential conflicts of interests that may affect their ability to provide an unbiased review of an article. Depending on the journal, the peer-review process may be single or double blinded.
Peer Reviewers complete a referee report form and provide general comments to the journal Editor-in-Chief and both general and specific comments to the author(s). Constructive comments that might help authors to improve their work are passed on anonymously (even if the paper is not ultimately accepted). Revised manuscripts may be subject to further peer review if appropriate. The final decision on acceptability for publication lies with the journal expert Editor-in-Chief. If an article is not deemed suitable for publication in the journal to which it is submitted, our cascading process may be used to propose an alternative journal to consider the manuscript.
This review process supports  the publication of unbiased, scientifically accurate and clinically relevant articles.


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