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Open Access publishing with Adis

The benefits of Open Access publishing:

  • All articles freely accessible by anyone, anywhere, immediately upon online publication
  • Articles are also deposited on your behalf in PubMedCentral / Europe PMC
  • Re-use (except for commercial purposes) and immediate deposit of final article in any repository is permitted
  • Articles are clearly labelled on Springer’s leading research platforms as Open Access
  • You, as the author, retain educational copyright of your work

Open Access options

Adis offers two ways to publish your work as Open Access, either in our fully open access journals, or within our subscription journals using the Springer OpenChoice option. All such articles are published using the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC) license:

Fully open access journals

Premier journals

Several Adis Premier journals are fully open access journals, in which publication costs are defrayed by standard article processing charges. While efficient publication timelines are standard, the Adis VIP Service is also available for these titles.

Adis Rapid+ journals

The Adis Rapid+ Journals offer all of the traditional advantages of open access publication, in addition to rapid publication and a personalized responsive service from pre-submission to post-publication. Every article is published with a bulleted list of summary points for a concise overview of the data

Adis OpenChoice - individual articles published open access

All Adis subscription journals also offer the option to publish your article open access (OpenChoice). Once an article has been accepted, you are given the option to choose open access publication, for which a standard open access publication fee is charged. More information on the OpenChoice option can be found here.

*Advances in Therapy also offers Rapid+ timelines