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Our books and journals on materials science examine the properties of materials such as ceramics, glass and composites, metals and biomaterials.
The textbooks provide students of materials science and materials engineering with basic knowledge of materials science and materials engineering.

Researchers and scientists greatly appreciate our specialist books and journals, which reflect the current state of research in the polymer sciences or highlight the opportunities and risks of nanotechnologies.

Our titles include MRS journals and book series, the renowned Journal of Materials Science, the Springer Series in Materials Science, the Handbook of Materials Modeling and the Springer Handbook of Nanomaterials. 



Our publications investigate the production, structure, properties and applications of biomaterials as well as the related economic and ecological aspects. The main research focus is the interaction of cells and tissues with materials. Springer publishes numerous original papers of international studies. Renowned scientists share the latest advances in the development of new materials for use in biomedicine or nanobiotechnology. Among our publications are JMS: Materials in Medicine, the textbook Biomaterials (Park) and the Handbook of Bioceramics and Biocomposites.

Ceramics, Glass, Composites & Hybrid Materials

Materials science enables the production of glass, ceramics and composites with optimal properties. In recent decades, composite materials have revolutionized many areas of technology and are used in the industry or in vehicle and aircraft construction. In addition to books on composites, we also offer publications on the properties of glass and the physical and chemical fundamentals of ceramics. Our titles include the widely used textbook Ceramic Materials (Carter and Norton) and the Springer Series on Polymer and Composite Materials.

Characterization & Evaluation of Materials

With us you will find numerous publications on material characterization and evaluation with helpful teaching materials for studies or current professional papers for research. The characterization and evaluation of materials deals with the analysis of the technical properties of material groups. Our books and journals are dedicated to destructive and non-destructive testing methods under mechanical, thermal or chemical stress. Browse our publications including the leading textbooks and handbooks in microscopy and the Journal of Materials Science. Engineers are recommended to use our publications with material numbers to clearly identify materials. They are excellent reference works for the daily work.


Materials mechanics is a subdiscipline of materials science that deals with the defined deformation of materials to achieve anisotropic mechanical properties. For example, the mechanical strength of plastics is increased by placing them under tensile stress. The contact surface with the macromolecules becomes larger and the secondary bond stronger as a result. These and other techniques are the subjects of our books and journals on materials mechanics. Our publications include the journal Nonlinear Dynamics, the series Solid Mechanics and its Applications and the Handbook of Damage Mechanics.

Metallic & Structural Materials

Handling metals successfully in manufacturing, processing or testing requires knowledge of the basic properties of these materials. At Springer, aspiring engineers will find suitable introductory literature on metals and other construction materials. Numerous calculation or design examples combine theoretical knowledge with practical applications. In addition to textbooks, we also offer professional and academic publications for scientists and researchers who, among other things, deal with the analysis and evaluation of wear problems in the metal industry. Our publications include Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, Metals and Materials International and the RILEM Bookseries.


Nanotechnology is a key technology of the 21st century. It is used in almost all branches of industry. Springer books and journals refer to the wide range of possible applications, for example in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, the automotive industry or the textile and food industries. In medicine in particular, nanotechnology has great potential for major advances. Our specialist articles are written by international scientists and researchers. They deal with the great economic potential of this still young technology, but also with the associated risks. In this context, we especially recommend journals such as Nano Research, Nanoscale Research Letters, Graphene Technology and the Journal of Nanoparticle Research, as well as the Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology.

Optical & Electronic Materials

Our books and journals on optical and electronic materials deal with the possible applications of these materials in lamp, laser, fluorescent and lighting technology as well as in information and communication technology. From basic knowledge for students to highly specialized research literature - with us, everyone will find exactly the right reading for their needs. Our research literature focuses on the latest advances in the study of optical and electronic materials, such as semiconductor technology and materials research. Among the best-known titles in this discipline are JMS: Materials in Electronics, the Springer Series in Materials Science, and the Springer Handbook of Electronic and Photonics Materials.

Polymer Science

Few scientific fields have made as much progress as polymer research. After all, polymer plastics have become indispensable in today's world. At Springer you will find numerous publications on the history and current progress of international research in this field. Aspiring chemists, physicists and engineers will find textbooks that introduce them to the structure of polymer materials, describe their mechanical properties and analyze their strength and deformation behavior. Researchers and scientists appreciate our journals for their critical reflections on current and future trends in polymer and biopolymer science. Well-known publications include the Chinese Journal of Polymer Science, the Encyclopedia of Polymeric Nanomaterials and the series Advances in Polymer Science.

Surfaces, Interfaces, Thin Films

By coating materials, greatly improved or even completely new product properties can be achieved that protect against wear or corrosion. Our publications in this field focus on the development and manufacture of such innovative, highly resilient functional surfaces and interfaces for materials as well as on the specific requirements placed on materials in a wide variety of industries. Our publications include the Encyclopedia of Tribology and the Springer Series in Surface Sciences.

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