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ePrints & reprints

Article and chapter reprints from Springer's journals and books are an outstanding way to educate your audience and reinforce your product message.

Use our content to provide a valuable and appreciated resource directly to your audience. We offer two types of reprints:

  • ePrints (Electronic reprints) – ePrints are encrypted, electronic copies of works in PDF format that you can distribute via email, post on a website or use in e-detailing. E-prints must be ordered in quantities of at least 200.
  • Reprints (Hard-copy reprints) – Reproductions of original journal articles and book chapters printed on high-quality paper. Reprints are available in color or black and white, and must be ordered in quantities of at least 200.

Both formats may be created with official journal covers, company logos, disclaimers and advertisements (subject to approval).

Find your article on SpringerLink

You can search for your desired article on Springerlink and start searching. Once you've found all the details return to this page to contact our reprints team.