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Bulk book sales

Educate your target audience and improve the quality of your communication by distributing bulk quantities of our essential clinical books. Reach your customers at meetings, through the mail or in the office.

Special editions

We will create special editions with your company’s name and logo featured on the cover. Target your market more specifically using branded chapter reprints. Use our top-quality content in your next gift certificate or voucher program. Take advantage of our competitively-priced and quickly-delivered content to reinforce your relationships.

Multiple platforms

With our extensive range of content available across multiple platforms, we can help you to deliver targeted, scientific content to meet your educational, marketing and promotional needs. Content is available across multiple platforms including print, online, and mobile application.

Your benefits

  •  We offer discounts for bulk orders large and small
  • Customize book content by using select chapters and incorporating a company or product logo
  • Increase face-time between your sales reps and key audience
  • Improve booth traffic at annual meetings and promote attendee participation
  • Enhance your existing digital channels with essential medical content that will drive traffic and increase time spent on these tools
  • Content is priced to fit your budget with timely delivery