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Topics in Organometallic Chemistry

Topics in Organometallic Chemistry

Series Editors: Beller, M., Dixneuf, P.H., Dupont, J., Fürstner, A., Glorius, F., Gooßen, L.J., Nolan, S.P., Okuda, J., Oro, L.A., Willis, M., Zhou, Q.-L.

ISSN: 1436-6002

The OMCOS Award

Sponsored by Springer

About the prize 

Springer established the OMCOS Award in 1997 in collaboration with the organizers of the esteemed biennial IUPAC Symposium on "OrganoMetallic Chemistry directed towards Organic Synthesis" (OMCOS) to encourage future development of this field. It is presented every two years to a scientist under 40 in recognition of outstanding research contributions to organometallic chemistry.
Springer sponsors the OMCOS Award by giving a prize of Euro 3000 along with a certificate and a lifelong electronic subscription to ‘Topics in Organometallic Chemistry’.

Winner 2017 

We are pleased to announce that the OMCOS Prize for 2017 has been awarded to Professor Rubén Martín (Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ)).
Professor Martin received this award in recognition of his contributions to the development of novel methodologies for the metal-catalyzed activation of inert entities with the aim of producing synthetically relevant molecules, in particular utilising the earth-abundant transition metal nickel, Ni as the catalyst.
Many congratulations!

Past Winners 

OMCOS 18, Sitges, Spain 2015 Melanie Sanford, University of Michigan
OMCOS 17, Fort Collins, USA 2013 Zhang-Jie Shi, Peking University
OMCOS 16, Shanghai, China 2011 Frank Glorius, Münster
OMCOS 15, Glasgow, UK 2009 Keith Fagnou†
OMCOS 14, Nara, Japan 2007 F. Dean Toste, Berkeley
OMCOS 13, Geneva 2005 Shengming Ma, Shanghai
OMCOS 12, Toronto 2003 Kyoko Nozaki, Tokyo
OMCOS 11, Taipei 2001 Greg Fu, MIT, Cambridge
OMCOS 10, Versailles 1999 Erik M. Carreira, ETH Zurich
OMCOS 09, Göttingen 1997 Shu Kobayashi, Tokyo

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