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New & Forthcoming Titles | Frontiers in the History of Science

Frontiers in the History of Science

Frontiers in the History of Science

Series Ed.: De Risi, Vincenzo

ISSN: 2662-2564

Frontiers in the History of Science is designed for publications of up-to-date research results encompassing all areas of history of science, primarily with a focus on the history of mathematics, physics, and their applications. Graduates and post-graduates as well as scientists will benefit from the selected and thoroughly peer-reviewed publications at the research frontiers of history of sciences and at interdisciplinary “frontiers”: history of science crossing into neighboring fields such as history of epistemology, history of art, or history of culture. The series is curated by the Series Editor with the support of an international group of Associate Editors. 

Series Editor: Vincenzo de Risi, Paris, France

Associate Editors:

Karine Chemla, Paris, France 

Sven Dupré, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Moritz Epple, Frankfurt, Germany

Orna Harari, Tel Aviv, Israel

Dana Jalobeanu, Bucharest, Romania

Henrique Leitão, Lisboa, Portugal

David Marshal Miller, Ames, Iowa, USA

Aurélien Robert, Tours, France

Eric Schliesser, Amsterdam, The Netherlands