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This series is introduced by the International Association for Knowledge Management (www.IAKM.net) with an aim to offer advanced peer-reviewed reference books to researchers, practitioners and students in the field of knowledge management in organizations. Both discussions of new theories and advances in the field, as well as reviews of the state-of-the art will be featured regularly. Particularly, the books will be open to these contributions: Reviews of the state-of-the art (i.e. syntheses of recent studies on a topic, classifications and discussions of theories, approaches and methods, etc.) that can both serve as a reference and allow opening new horizons Discussions on new theories and methods of scientific research in organisational knowledge management Critical reviews of empirical evidence and empirical validations of theories Contributions that build a bridge between the various disciplines and fields that converge towards knowledge management (i.e.: computer science, cognitive sciences, economics, other management fields, etc.) and propose the development of a common background of notions, concepts and scientific methods Surveys of new practical methods that can inspire practitioners and researchers in their applications of knowledge management methods in companies and public services.
This is a SCOPUS-indexed book series.
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  • Ettore Bolisani,
  • Meliha Handzic

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