Aims and scope

Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft (ZfVP) – Comparative Governance and Politics is an academic journal which publishes high-quality research results within the field of Comparative Politics. The four annual issues focus on contributions and approaches that are both innovative and provide the outset for further research. Methodologically, the contributions are required to display sound theoretic foundations of the empirical analyses. The analyses themselves should be based on an appropriate methodological approach. Thematically, the journal represents the entire breadth of the field. It is neither restricted to en vogue topics nor is it limited to a certain theoretic, methodological or thematical focus. Instead, the journal is open to all researchers in the field of Comparative Politics.  

The journal contains articles in German and English, whereby emphasis is placed on contributions in German. The content categories include double-blind peer reviewed research articles (main category), essays, literature reviews, reports and occasionally commentaries to further the academic debate.