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Beachcombing for a safe barefoot environment

Heidelberg | London, 5 December 2019 

New Springer book, The Beachcomber’s Guide to Marine Debris, documents and takes a quizzical look at the vast array of man-made rubbish in our seas and on our shores, with hints and tips on how to combat it.

Inside ITER – the giant fusion reactor

Heidelberg | London, 4 December 2019 

A new book provides a behind-the-scenes view into ITER – the world’s biggest fusion reactor, and discusses the challenges and opportunities of this potentially limitless green energy source

Is Western culture balancing on a tightrope between science and humanities?

Heidelberg | London, 17 September 2019 

New book Science on the Ropes asks why science has been dethroned from its prestigious position in Western culture and replaced by pseudoscientific conjecture and fake news