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Established business journals merge to form Schmalenbach Journal of Business Research (SBUR)

Heidelberg | London | New York, 26 March 2020 

Springer Nature will be the publisher of a fully open access (OA) journal created by merging journals from the two largest business research associations in the German-speaking world 

Census 2020: Understanding the Issues

Heidelberg | New York, 25 March 2020

Springer book covers the U.S. Census from its Constitutional founding through the upcoming 2020 count, discusses the unique significance of this statistical undertaking, and explores controversies and questions surrounding demographic data collection in the 21st Century.

Lone Wolves in sheep's clothing – terrorism as a symptom

Heidelberg | New York, 6 March 2020

New Springer book, Lone Wolves: The New Terrorism of Right-Wing Single Actors, examines a new breed of terrorism that feeds on the hunger for sensationalism and the trend of depoliticisation in Western societies exposing unfamiliar risks and threats