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Final Check & Submission

Final Check

Before submission, all parts of the book should be checked. 

  • Check the table of contents to ensure that part, chapter and heading numbering are in the correct sequence, and update the chapter titles and subheadings if necessary.
  • Save each chapter or contribution, including the accompanying references, figure legends, and tables in a separate file in the original file format and give each file the first chapter author’s last name and the chapter number (e.g. Myers-Chap1). 
  • Save the original figure files separately and name them with the first chapter author’s last name, the chapter, and figure number (e.g. Myers-Fig1.1).
  • Ensure the text and figures of your manuscript are complete and final, and that the manuscript does not exceed the agreed-upon length.
  • Please ensure all third-party permissions have been obtained.
  • For contributed volumes, ensure that all authors have signed their Contributor Agreements.

All the details mentioned are included our downloadable checklist

Manuscript Submission

3 folders © PixabayYour submission should include 3 folders:

  1. One folder/zip archive containing all source files of the final version of the manuscript (Word or LaTeX files with all the associated style files, special fonts), including figures and tables files (tif, eps, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx) as well as contributor agreements for chapter authors (edited works only).
  2. One folder/zip archive containing PDF files of the final whole manuscript with all fonts embedded. For edited works, PDF files of each individual chapter is required. This is especially important if the text or figures contain special characters or unusual fonts. Please check the PDF to ensure that the text appears as it should. 
  3. One folder containing third party permissions.

book manuscript submission portal © SpringerPlease submit your manuscript directly using our online manuscript submission portal offering these key benefits:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Accessible from any computer, any browser and anywhere
  • Secure and safe transfer of manuscript to Springer Nature
  • Manuscript is immediately available in our production systems

Your Springer Nature contact can provide you with individual secure access to our submission portal.