Online book proposal form

Have you discussed a book idea with one of our publishing editors? Is your book proposal ready to be considered for publication? Then you can quickly and easily submit your proposal online.

Share key information such as your book title, subtitle, your planned number of pages, book category, target audience, and your planned manuscript submission date and other data we need to get prepared for your book’s next steps.

  • Book Manuscript Submission Portal © Springer 2020Secure: only you and your responsible editor have access to your proposal.
  • 'Save & continue' functionality: you can update the information as you have it and break off from entering it all in one go.
  • A few compulsory questions ensure we receive all the information we need and your input is provided in a systematic way.
  • Your proposal is seamlessly added to our internal systems and can be reviewed immediately.
  • You can access the tool from any computer or mobile device, any browser, and anywhere.

Your publishing editor will provide you with access to our online book proposal form.