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Earth Sciences & Geography | Joachim Reitner

Joachim Reitner

Joachim Reitner is Professor of Paleontology, Head of the Department of Geobiology, and Managing Director of the Museum, Collections and Geopark, at the University of Göttingen. He is also Editor in Chief of Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences (Springer), Co-Editor of Facies (Springer), and Associate Editor of the Geomicrobiology Journal (Taylor & Francis).
Dr. Reitner’s research focuses on the interplay between organisms and their metabolic processes with various abiotic parameters. Many geological processes can be understood as geo-physiological processes, allowing chemical reactions that would never run under standard thermodynamic conditions. Therefore, a major thrust of Dr. Reitner’s research activities is the investigation of the evolution of these processes, visible in biosignatures and biomineralization patterns and their interaction with biogeochemical cycles.
Among his many honors and accolades, Dr. Reitner is the recipient of the G. W. Leibniz Award from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft