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The "Clearing House for the Open Research of the United States"

New York | 6 June 2013

Springer welcomes discussion around the Clearing House for the Open Research of the United States (CHORUS) and the involvement of publishers in debates around access to academic research. The US Government is taking steps towards an efficient infrastructure for open access to publicly funded research, and it is important to ensure that all parties are engaged in the conversation.

As the largest open access publisher, Springer supports open access as a business model. PubMed Central is one of many repositories around the world that provide access to research, and we encourage academics to deposit their open access work here and in other repositories.

Our priority is to serve the research communities while growing our own gold open access offerings. Remaining involved in discussions around options for making research available does not mean we will reduce our own open access output.

We fully support and encourage the depositing of gold open access content in PubMed Central and other repositories. Furthermore, Springer is committed, in cooperation with all stakeholders, to finding a mutually acceptable position on the hosting and archiving of embargoed green open access content, and will continue to support those initiatives that we believe are constructive.