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Discontinuation of SpringerImages

Berlin, 27 May 2014

Springer has come to the decision to discontinue the image database SpringerImages since it is not aligned with our strategy and long-term plans for image-related services and products at Springer.

Going forward, we will instead focus on integrating images more closely in the content we publish. All images remain available in their original context, in the millions of journal articles and book chapters on SpringerLink.

In the interim, current subscribers will retain access to SpringerImages. Springer will be pro-actively reaching out to those customers to discuss their options and answer any questions they may have. Other visitors to the SpringerImages website will be re-directed to SpringerLink.

Finally, while the SpringerImages App will be discontinued as well, the SpringerLink App remains available for free.


Eric Merkel-Sobotta (Global)
Annika Dirks (Berlin)
Ruth Francis (London)
Alexander Brown (New York)
Renate Bayaz (Heidelberg)