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Wir präsentieren Ihnen Forschungsergebnisse und unterhaltsame Fakten aus unseren Publikationen.

Die Pressemitteilungen sind in englischer Sprache.

Aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse

  • Alain Aspect: The physicist who made entanglement an experimental reality

    New York | Heidelberg, 24 January 2023
    For Einstein and other physicists of his generation, the strongly counter-intuitive features of quantum mechanics were very hard to accept, given that our intuition is based on the classical world around us. This EPJ D Topical Issue examines the discoveries, motivations, and continuing legacy of Alain Aspect: the physicist whose experiments, along with those of John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger, have made that quantum entanglement, an essentially non-classical feature, is now also an experimental reality, exploited in science and technology.

  • Citizen Science: From the cosmos to the classroom

    New York | Heidelberg, 18 January 2023
    An extensive network of cosmic ray detectors allows high school students in Italy to contribute to cutting-edge particle physics research

  • Modelling the collective movement of bacteria

    New York | Heidelberg, 23 December 2022
    Research into the movement of packages of bacteria could help better understand the formation of troublesome biofilms.