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Wir präsentieren Ihnen Forschungsergebnisse und unterhaltsame Fakten aus unseren Publikationen.

Die Pressemitteilungen sind in englischer Sprache.

Aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse

  • Active Brownian particles have four distinct states of motion

    New York | Heidelberg, 17 Mai 2023
    Depending on the friction and external bias forces they experience, self-propelled Brownian particles will take on one of four possible states of motion. The discovery could help researchers to draw deeper insights into the behaviours of these unique systems in nature and technology.

  • Investigating gender equality in urban cycling

    New York | Heidelberg, 8 May 2023
    New research looks at why cycling has a low uptake among women in urban areas

  • Improving fluid simulations with embedded neural networks

    New York | Heidelberg, 8 Mai 2023
    While neural networks can help to improve the accuracy of fluid flow simulations, new research shows how their accuracy is limited unless the right approach is taken. By embedding fluid properties into neural networks, simulation accuracy can improve by orders of magnitude.