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The purpose of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training: Issues, Concerns and Prospects Book Series is to meet the needs of those interested in an in-depth analysis of current developments concerning various aspects of education for the world of work with particular reference to technical and vocational education and training. The Series examines areas that are at the ‘cutting edge’ of the field and are innovative in nature. It presents best and innovative practice; explores controversial topics and uses case studies as examples. 

The audience includes policy makers, practitioners, administrators, planners, researchers, teachers, teacher educators, students and colleagues in other fields interested in learning about TVET, in both developed and developing countries, countries in transition and countries in a post-conflict situation. 
The Series complements the International Handbook of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, with the elaboration of specific topics, themes and case studies in greater breadth and depth than is possible in the Handbook. Topics covered include: training for the informal economy in developing countries; education of adolescents and youth for academic and vocational work; financing education for work; lifelong learning in the workplace; women and girls in technical and vocational education and training; effectively harnessing ICT’s in support of TVET; planning of education systems to promote education for the world of work; recognition, evaluation and assessment; education and training of demobilized soldiers in post-conflict situations; TVET research; and, school to work transition. 

Book proposals for this series may be submitted to Associate Editor: Lay Peng Ang E-mail: laypeng.ang@springer.com

Rupert Maclean

University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia

and RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

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  • Rupert Maclean

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