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New & Forthcoming Titles | Topics in Organometallic Chemistry

Topics in Organometallic Chemistry

Topics in Organometallic Chemistry

Series Editors: Beller, M., Dixneuf, P.H., Dupont, J., Fürstner, A., Glorius, F., Gooßen, L.J., Ikariya, T., Nolan, S.P., Okuda, J., Oro, L.A., Willis, M., Zhou, Q.-L.

ISSN: 1436-6002

Instructions for Authors

Support for Manuscript Preparation in Review Series

Scientific Style – Nomenclature 

Insofar as possible, authors should use systematic names similar to those used by Chemical Abstract Service or IUPAC. For texts in the area of Polymer Science, please follow the instructions for systematic polymer nomenclature described by IUPAC in “A Brief Guide to Polymer Nomenclature”, IUPAC. Pure Appl. Chem. 84, 2167—2169 (2012).

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