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Instructions for Authors

Climatic Change Letters

Climatic Change Letters accepts short articles in the style of an announcement of new findings that would be of immediate and compelling interest to the research community. Accordingly, it aims for speedy publication, so that submissions requiring more than one round of review would not be suitable. Submission length has been revised to enable the necessary information to be presented within no more than seven journal pages (including figures, tables, references, a brief abstract and keywords), equivalent to about 3,500 words of text. The significance of the work should be explicit in the introductory paragraphs. Articles may be accompanied by a limited amount of supplemental online material where necessary.
More specifically, to be accepted, a manuscript should present original findings from models, experiments, or observations, or theoretical approaches, frameworks, applications, or methods relevant to one or more of the multitude of disciplines covered by the main journal. The urgency of publication will be measured by its likely immediate influence in the context of ongoing research or assessment by others, or its potential to stimulate important new fields of research, such that the normal publication times associated with Climatic Change might delay significant advances. The editorial office will pre-screen papers to sort out for full review those deemed most likely to be favorably reviw based on these criteria.
Climatic Change Letters also embodies the special role played by Climatic Change as a “means of exchange among those working in different disciplines on problems related to climatic variations” whose articles are also aimed at “people in other climate-related disciplines and to interested non-disciplinarians” and that one objective is to “report on research in which the originality is in the combinations of (not necessarily original) work from several disciplines.” Thus, articles that would be of substantial interest to a broad segment of this community would receive preference.
Given the page limit, the description of the work must be clear and concise, yet adequate to affect research and assessment activities of others. Of course, the usual criterion of scientific validity is assumed.
Authors seeking to publish comments on manuscripts published in Climatic Change Letters should submit these as a Commentary to Climatic Change via the separate editorial manager system (at http://www.editorialmanager.com/clim/).
Please submit your Letters manuscript online here: http://www.editorialmanager.com/ccle/
For further technical Instructions, please visit ‘For authors and editors’ on the Climatic Change web pages.
We would also appreciate receiving up to four names of potential reviewers, complete with contact information and a brief description of their areas of expertise and interests