Data Availability Statement

Reproducibility of scientific claims is integral to the integrity of published research. At the heart of research claims is the data from which results are obtained and conclusions are drawn. Without access to the original data, scientific claims can be difficult (if not impossible) to replicate. Mandatory data availability statements consolidate information on availability of data associated with the manuscript, whether data are in repositories, available on request, included with supplementary information or figure source data files.

This policy requires all Springer and Palgrave Macmillan journals to adopt a research data policy which requires data availability statements. This policy does not introduce any data sharing mandates, but  aims to make the availability of the data transparent.

Upon implementation of this policy, all Springer and Palgrave Macmillan journals will satisfy the requirements of Level 1 ToP (Transparency and Openness Promotion) Guidelines. Springer Nature was an early signatory in this initiative that aims to promote transparency and reproducibility in research. 

Recommended Repositories

In general, data should be submitted to discipline-specific, community-recognised repository where possible, or to generalist repositories if no suitable community resource is available.

This list is derived from Scientific Data’s recommended repository list. The list is also available in figshare for free reuse, with attribution, by others. Scientific Data is an open access data journal published by Springer Nature.

Authors should consult journal information for authors in case of more specific repository recommendations. Some Springer Nature journals, such as Human Genome Variation, maintain their own research data repositories.

If an author’s preferred repository is not listed below we encourage repository managers to investigate listing their repositories with and/or in the first instance and, for those that meet the criteria, applying for listing with Scientific Data.

For more information browse our repositories FAQs.

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