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What's new in Cancer Research at Springer! Melania Ruiz (Dordrecht) Editors of Springer's Cancer Research Program.


Official account of Adis – publishers of a premier collection of drug-focused medical journals and newsletters.



We publish a database of drugs, trials. deals and safety, based on trusted, scientifically sound data.

Springer Japan LS


This is Springer Japan’s Biomedical & Life Sciences Editorial Department. We provide information about books and journals at Springer Biomedical Sciences and Life Sciences, as well as conference-related tweets and interesting news.
Springer Japan の Biomedical/ Life Sciences 編集部です。生命科学分野の最新の知見を、書籍とジャーナルの出版を通して、国際的に発信しています。このアカウントでは、新刊およびキャンペーン情報、学会展示案内のほか、生命科学に関連した内容をお知らせします。

Springer Microbiology


Microbiology & Virology & Biotechnology News Fromt Springer | Medical, Environmental, Applied and Life Sciences.

Springer Protocols


SpringerProtocols is the world's largest database of biomedical and life sciences lab protocols.

Springer ReproBio


Welcome to Springer's Reproductive Biology Twitter page! You'll find the latest news on our flagship journal, JARG!

Springer Toxicology


Follow for updates in Toxicology and Clinical Toxicology.

The NeuroNetwork

Tweets from the publishing editors at Springer Neuroscience - latest articles, updates, conference tweets, news and more.



Alzheimer's Research & Therapy is an international open access journal that publishes articles on Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative conditions.

Animal and Plant Sci


Home of the @BioMedCentral open access animal and plant science journals. Tweets by @Matt_Landau.

Beyond the Genome


Hosted by Genome Medicine and Genome Biology, the 5th annual Beyond the Genome conference will take place 8-10 October 2014 Harvard Medical School #BTG14

Biological Research


An open access biology journal from Chilean Biology Society & @BioMedCentral.

BMC Medicine


The flagship open access medical journal of the BMC series. The journal publishes research articles and reviews in all areas of clinical research and practice.

BMC Series


A group of open access, peer-reviewed journals spanning biological and clinical research. BMC series - open, inclusive and trusted. Part of BioMed Central.

Cases Database


Unlock the value of medical case reports. In association with @jmedcasereports.

Cognitive Computation




Cognitive Neurodynamics is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal, focusing on the overlapping fields of cognitive science and nonlinear dynamics.

Current Reports


Get the news & updates on Springer Current Reports journals with links to review articles on the latest hot topics in medicine & science.

Genome Biology

Genome Biology Tweets and blogs ( ) about our latest articles, conferences & more.

Genome Medicine

Tweets from the editors of Genome Medicine, an OA journal publishing in all areas of medicine studied from a post-genomic perspective.

Ext Physiol Med


Extreme Physiology & Medicine - an open access journal from @BioMedCentral focussing on integrative human physiology under conditions of physiological stress.



Journal of Medical Case Reports (JMCR) is an open access peer-reviewed journal published by BioMed Central & edited by Prof Michael Kidd.



Twitter account of the Science Views the News blog.

The Cerebellum


Tweets from the Editors of The Cerebellum, the official publication of the Society for Research on the Cerebellum, and its sister journal Cerebellum & Ataxias.

The EPMA Journal


EPMA Journal explores a new philosophy in predictive, preventive and personalised medicine (PPPM) and tracks novel trends in healthcare and biomedical education.

Virology Journal


Virology: Research and Treatment: an open access journal by Libertas Academica


Springer Neuroscience

Information about books and journals at Springer Neuroscience - updates, conference tweets, news and more.

Springer Japan Life Sciences

This is Springer Japan’s Biomedical & Life Sciences Editorial Department. We send out the latest research results in the biomedical and life sciences to every corner of the world through the publication of books and journals in English.
Springer Japan の Biomedical/ Life Sciences 編集部です。生命科学分野の最新の知見を、書籍とジャーナルの出版を通して、国際的に発信しています。

Springer Science Reviews

Did you write a brilliant review that deserves to be published? PhD students can do it! On this page you will find information about publishing in the journal Springer Science Reviews, how to submit your review article, and much more.

Science views the News

Facebook account of the Science Views the News blog.

Biological Research

Biological Research is an open-access journal that publishes research across the broad spectrum of experimental biology.


Springer Protocols

This group is a community of editors, authors, and researchers interested in SpringerProtocols and Methods in Molecular Biology. SpringerProtocols is the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of protocols in the biomedical and life sciences. It includes the complete Methods in Molecular Biology series, which has been an essential standard in life science research for nearly 30 years. Join the SpringerProtocols LinkedIn group to connect with editors and authors, discuss potential topics for publication, and exchange views on current issues in research and scientific publishing.

Cognitive Computation

Cognitive Computation is an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal that publishes cutting-edge articles describing original basic and applied work involving biologically-inspired computational accounts of all aspects of natural and artificial cognitive systems. It provides a new platform for the dissemination of research, current practices and future trends in the emerging discipline of cognitive computation that spans life sciences, social sciences, engineering, physical and mathematical sciences, and humanities.

EPMA - Predictive, Preventive and Personalised Medicine

Predictive, preventive and personalised medicine (PPPM) offers great promise for the future practice of medicine. Essential components of this approach include well-organised population screening protocols utilising novel diagnostic biomarkers of disease states; targeted prevention of common human pathologies; optimal treatment planning and personalised medicine, resulting in substantial improvement of the quality of life. This approach also offers the advantage of delivering care at potentially reduced costs to the population at large, addressing social and ethical issues related to healthcare access and affordability.

Journal of Molecular Histology

The Journal of Molecular Histology publishes 6 times a year full-length original research papers, review articles, short communications and letters to the editors. Coverage includes studies describing novel cellular or ultrastructural distributions of molecules which provide insight into biochemical or physiological function, development, histological structure and disease processes. Among the techniques addressed are histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, receptor binding, autoradiography, image capture and processing, and reporter molecules as well as state-of-the-art visualization techniques.

The Cerebellum

The Cerebellum is devoted to the science of the cerebellum and its role in ataxia and other disorders. This region, with more neurons than all other brain structures, attracts intense interest: in the genetics of cerebellar ataxias, in the roles of the cerebellum in motor control and cognitive function, and amid an ageing population, in diseases associated with cerebellar dysfunction.

Science views the News

A news blog for scientifically interested readers. Enjoy our topic summaries, specialist posts, interviews and comments, all connected to topics currently discussed in the news.


Springer Neuroscience

Information about books and journals at Springer Neuroscience.

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BMC Series blog

The BMC Series blog aims to highlight high-impact, thought-provoking research from across the BMC Series journals, covering everything from public health to ecology. There are also write-ups of conferences, discussions on journal developments and open access, and commentary on news in the world of research.


GigaBlog brings you news on the issues surrounding large scale biological and biomedical data from the GigaScience team (and guests). It covers the latest papers and datasets published in the GigaScience journal and associated GigaDB database. It also tackles wider issues surrounding scientific ‘big data’, data publication and citation, open data and open science, as well as peer review, and the future of scholarly communication.

On Biology

The On Biology blog covers the research published across BioMed Central’s biology journals, including titles such as Genome Biology and BMC Biology. It’s also a place to read discussions on conferences, insights into journal developments, and commentary on news in the field.


Retrovirology is an open access, online journal that publishes stringently peer-reviewed, high-impact articles on basic retrovirus research.

Science Views the News

Science Views the News blog



Providing guides and "how to videos" on using Medical ePrints and Reprints.