WasserWirtschaft: going international and supporting young engineers

The journal for water-related issues launches an English-language edition and will award the Student Prize for River and Dam Engineering with the German National Committee on Large Dams (DTK)

Wiesbaden, 7 May 2015

© SpringerThanks to the global energy revolution, hydropower, which is fully independent of sun and wind, is increasingly gaining attention – and in turn, there is a growing demand for international, high-quality information for engineers in the field of water and environmental technologies. Since publishing the first issue of its English-language WasserWirtschaft Extra, the German-language professional journal WasserWirtschaft has begun devoting more attention to the international community of practitioners and researchers. The Extra edition is available in both print and eMagazine formats. Further, the official journal of numerous professional associations at Springer Vieweg is working to support the next generation of engineers, and in the future will jointly award the Student Prize for River and Dam Engineering together with the German National Committee on Large Dams (DTK).

Editor-in-Chief Dr. Stephan Heimerl describes the next step in the journal’s evolution as follows: “We bring together science and those who use it – that is, decision-makers from industry, government authorities and service providers – by presenting the latest research advances in a user-friendly format, together with examples of their applications. In the process, we think outside the box – by closely monitoring international developments and devoting attention to the next generation.”

Accordingly, WasserWirtschaft also addresses topics like dam construction, which are of global relevance. The supplemental English-language format WasserWirtschaft Extra, first published in May, ensures that these topics are available to an international readership. The first issue features 24 articles on the state of the art in international research and development, and on the various operational aspects of hydropower plants. The articles are based on outstanding papers presented at the TU Vienna’s 18th International Seminar on Hydropower Plants (Viennahydro 2014). The quality is extremely high, as Heimerl explains: “The best papers were first reviewed by an expert committee and selected for inclusion in the issue, then further revised by the authors.”

In addition to an international audience, the journal is also focusing on young engineers. Starting in 2016, every three years WasserWirtschaft and the DTK will award the Student Prize for River and Dam Engineering in recognition of outstanding academic achievements. The prize addresses graduating students who submit their final projects or doctoral theses for review by a jury of experts. The first awards ceremony will be part of the 17th German Dam Symposium from June 15 to 17, 2016 in Freiburg. And as Dr. Uwe Müller, CEO of the DTK, explains, the prize money isn’t the only motivation: “Every prizewinner will also prepare a summary of his or her award-winning work for publication as an article for WasserWirtschaft.”

The German National Committee on Large Dams (DTK) (www.talsperrenkomitee.de) is the national division of the International Commission On Large Dams (ICOLD) and is actively involved in the latter’s councils. The DTK is home to more than one hundred German experts from the fields of dam engineering and hydropower, who contribute their own know-how and that of their respective organizations, companies and institutions (dam and hydropower plant operators, construction companies, suppliers, engineering firms and universities). The DTK’s chief goals are to disseminate German insights, experiences and expertise in dam engineering internationally, while also drawing German readers’ attention to international trends in dam construction and operation.

In the water and environment area, WasserWirtschaft (www.springerprofessional.de/wawi) is the primary journal for professionals and decision-makers hailing from industry, government authorities, service providers, engineering firms, and the scientific and research communities. As the official journal of numerous professional associations, it directly reaches those decision-makers responsible for assessing and awarding public and private tenders in river engineering and water management. WasserWirtschaft delivers practice-oriented articles and reliable coverage of advances in research and development. Reports on the latest news concerning companies and their products round out the content. 

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