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Springer launches three new book series in cognitive psychology

Expert books will deal with computational approaches, theoretical advances and cultural developments

Heidelberg | New York, 15 November 2016

Starting in January 2017, Springer will add three new book series to its cognitive psychology portfolio: Computational Approaches to Cognition and Perception, SpringerBriefs in Theoretical Advances in Psychology, and SpringerBriefs in Psychology and Cultural Developmental Science. The books in these series are aimed at upper-level undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, post-docs, and professionals and researchers in academic settings. Each series will publish two volumes annually. All volumes will be available in print and as eBooks.

Computational Approaches to Cognition and Perception will publish comprehensive, up-to-date books of specific research and developments as they apply to cognitive and theoretical psychology. The series as a whole will provide a rich foundation, with an emphasis on computational methods and their application to various fields of psychology. Books will include topics such as decision-making, problem solving, learning, memory, and language. Series editor Dr. Amy H. Criss said, “The goal of this book series is to introduce leading-edge computational tools to cognitive psychologists and scientists who have the potential to significantly advance our science. Each book includes historical context, a tutorial including a worked example, and applications of the method.”

The aim of SpringerBriefs in Theoretical Advances in Psychology is to give the international and interdisciplinary readership direct access to specifically theoretical innovations. Each book will provide a clear, multi-sided description of the theoretical efforts of scholars around the world. “Psychology has been lost in the collection of zillions of locally relevant empirical data over the last century, and there has been little support for constructing general theories,” said Dr. Jaan Valsiner, editor of the series. “With this new series, we have a unifying standard bearer for the innovation of the theoretical realm of our science."

SpringerBriefs in Psychology and Cultural Developmental Science is the first series to focus on the interconnection between cultural psychology and other developmental sciences, such as biology, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, and education. The series will include compact books that offer a perspective on the current state of developmental science, addressing contemporary issues and reflecting on theoretical and empirical directions as well as providing constructive insights into future pathways. Series editor Dr. Pina Marsico said,“This series integrates knowledge from many fields in a novel and innovative synthesis. It sets the stage for a forum of scholarly interchanges that deal with the science of the highest psychological functions of human beings.” Both SpringerBriefs series will include additional commentary from researchers, to facilitate further discussion.

Lilith Dorko, Cognitive Psychology editor at Springer, said, “We are so proud to introduce these series, which represent the future of cognitive, experimental, and theoretical psychology for the international scientific community. It’s become clear that interdisciplinary approaches are the most modern representation of cognition and the human experience. These series are the first of their kind, and I could not be more excited to partner with these unparalleled editors to promote this approach among researchers.”

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