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Advances in Dielectrics

Advances in Dielectrics

Series Ed.: Kremer, Friedrich

ISSN: 2190-930X

Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy (BDS) has developed tremendously in the last decade. For dielectric measurements it is now state of the art to cover typically 8-10 decades in frequency and to carry out the experiments in a wide temperature and pressure range. In this way a wealth of fundamental studies in molecular physics became possible, e.g. the scaling of relaxation processes, the interplay between rotational and translational diffusion, charge transport in disordered systems, and molecular dynamics in the geometrical confinement of different dimensionality – to name but a few. BDS has also proven to be an indispensable tool in modern material science; it plays e.g. an essential role in the characterization of Liquid Crystals or Ionic Liquids and the design of low-loss dielectric materials.
It is the aim of “Advances in Dielectrics” to reflect this rapid progress with a series of monographs devoted to specialized topics.

Target Group:
Solid state physicists, molecular physicists, material scientists, ferroelectric scientists, soft matter scientists, polymer scientists, electronic and electrical engineers.

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