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Studies in Space Policy

Studies in Space Policy

Series Ed.:

ISSN: 1868-5307

Edited by the European Space Policy Institute

Director: Jean-Jacques Tortora

Editorial Advisory Board:

Genevieve Fioraso
Gerd Gruppe
Pavel Kabat
Sergio Marchisio
Dominique Tilmans
Ene Ergma
Ingolf Schädler
Gilles Maquet
Jaime Silva
Per Tegnér

The use of outer space is of growing strategic and technological relevance. The development of robotic exploration to distant planets and bodies across the solar system, as well as pioneering human space exploration in earth orbit and of the moon, paved the way for ambitious long-term space exploration. Today, space exploration goes far beyond a merely technological endeavour, as its further development will have a tremendous social, cultural and economic impact. Space activities are entering an era in which contributions of the humanities – history, philosophy, anthropology –, the arts, and the social sciences – political science, economics, law – will become crucial for the future of space exploration. Space policy thus will gain in visibility and relevance. The series Studies in Space Policy shall become the European reference compilation edited by the leading institute in the field, the European Space Policy Institute. It will contain both monographs and collections dealing with their subjects in a transdisciplinary way.

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