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Series Editors: Kull, K., Sharov, A., Emmeche, C., Favareau, D.F.

ISSN: 1875-4651

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Combining research approaches from biology, semiotics, philosophy and linguistics, the field of biosemiotics studies semiotic processes as they occur in and among living systems. This has important implications and applications for issues ranging from natural selection to animal behaviour and human psychology, leaving biosemiotics at the cutting edge of the research on the fundamentals of life.

The Springer book series Biosemiotics draws together contributions from leading scholars in international biosemiotics, producing an unparalleled series that will appeal to all those interested in the origins and evolution of life, including molecular and evolutionary biologists, ecologists, anthropologists, psychologists, philosophers and historians of science, linguists, semioticians and researchers in artificial life, information theory and communication technology.

Kalevi Kull, Professor in biosemiotics, University of Tartu

Alexei Sharov, National Institute of Aging, Baltimore

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