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Popular Astronomy

Popular Astronomy

Series: Springer Praxis Books

ISSN: 2626-8760

The Springer-Praxis Popular Astronomy programme covers the latest observations, techniques and discoveries in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology, selecting key topics designed to fire the imagination of keen astronomers everywhere. Many of the topics selected for titles in this programme are refreshingly new, and away from the accepted mainstream of titles published in this area.

Topics include:

  • the search for water and life both within our Solar System and beyond
  • major discoveries at the edge of the Solar System,
  • extrasolar planets
  • the history of our Galaxy
  • galaxy collisions and mergers
  • the origins and evolution of the Universe

The books are well illustrated with figures, photographs and maps, with extensive use of colour for scientific interpretation and understanding. They feature recommended further reading and glossaries and appendices where appropriate.

The books are written in a style that astronomy enthusiasts, readers of popular magazines such as Sky and Telescope and Astronomy, and readers of Scientific American will find accessible.

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