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New & Forthcoming Titles | Studies in Human Ecology and Adaptation

Studies in Human Ecology and Adaptation

Studies in Human Ecology and Adaptation

Series Editors: Bates, Daniel G., Lozny, Ludomir R.

ISSN: 1574-0501

This series reflects a growing trend in the social sciences towards interdisciplinary study and research spanning a large number of disciplines, such as archaeology, anthropology, environmental sociology, geography and demography. It focuses on the adaptation of humans to their environment throughout the world. Within the environmental sciences, the field of human ecology is the study of the ways in which human social behavior is affected by environmental factors and events, including but not limited to natural resources, anthropogenic environmental changes and the interactions of competing or co-operating human groups. It encompasses a broad perspective that views the biological, environmental, demographic, and technological aspects of human existence as interrelated. Because the approach is multidisciplinary, it brings new and often unexpected insights to many topical issues. This series publishes cutting-edge and critical research in the field of human adaptation to their environments. Both edited volumes and monographs are welcome.  

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