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The New Synthese Historical Library

The New Synthese Historical Library

Texts and Studies in the History of Philosophy

Series Ed.: Knuuttila, Simo

ISSN: 1879-8578

The New Synthese Historical Library publishes outstanding studies in the history of Western philosophy. In addition to scholarly monographs and collections on important historical ideas and the traditions and transformations of the philosophical habits of thought, significant texts and translations with commentaries from ancient, medieval, and early modern times have appeared in the Library. The series is not limited to any period or subject, although the vantage point of the treatises has been congenial to analytic philosophy. The aim of The New Synthese Historical Libraryis to make accessible seminal philosophical sources and, by combining the high standards of historical learning with a consciousness of the contemporary systematic approaches, to promote and to deepen the philosophical discussion of our intellectual heritage.


Simo Knuuttila, Helsinki University

Associate Editors:

Daniel Elliot Garber, Princeton University

Richard Sorabji, University of London 

Miira Tuominen, University of Jyväskylä

Editorial Consultants:

Thomas-Institut, Universität zu Köln; Roger Ariew,University of South Florida, Tampa; E. Jennifer Ashworth, University of Waterloo (Emeritus); Gail Fine, Cornell University; R.J. Hankinson, University of Texas;  Boston University; David Konstan, Brown University; Richard H. Kraut, University of Illinois, Chicago; Alain deLibera, Collège de France; Eleonore Stump, St. Louis University; Allen Wood, Stanford University


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