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New & Forthcoming Titles | Studies in Ecological Economics

Studies in Ecological Economics

Studies in Ecological Economics

Series Editors: Turner, R. Kerry, Costanza, Robert, Farley, Joshua

ISSN: 1389-6954

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The series “Ecological Economics” aims to present monographs and edited volumes that offer fresh perspectives and overviews on a range of topics in Ecological Economics. Special attention will be given to integrative research methods and techniques and to pluralistic approaches. Fundamental and critical discussions are invited of: theoretical assumptions, ethical starting points, behavioural models, (co)evolutionary change, integration concepts, the ecosystem approach and ecosystem services environmental macroeconomics, industrial ecology, spatial dimensions, thermodynamics and production functions, policy goals and instruments, international policy dimensions, alternative welfare measures, valuation and benefits transfer. Particular emphasis will be placed on the interaction between valuation, modelling and evaluation in a multidisciplinary setting; the link between ecology, biodiversity, ecosystem services, economics politics and environmental management; the incorporation of physical flows in economic models; and the interface between development, poverty, technology and sustainability. In addition, applied and policy oriented research is welcomed, addressing specific resources, substances, materials, regions, sectors, countries or environmental problems. International comparative studies are also encouraged. The ultimate aim of this series is to present a rigorous but broad perspective on contemporary and future environmental policy questions.

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