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Philosophy and Medicine

Philosophy and Medicine

Editor-in-chief: Engelhardt, H. Tristram
Series Ed.: Rasmussen, Lisa M.

ISSN: 0376-7418

The Philosophy and Medicine series is dedicated to publishing monographs and collections of essays that contribute importantly to scholarship in bioethics and the philosophy of medicine. The series addresses the full scope of issues in bioethics, from euthanasia to justice and solidarity in health care. The Philosophy and Medicine series places the scholarship of bioethics within studies of basic problems in the epistemology and metaphysics of medicine. The latter publications explore such issues as models of explanation in medicine, concepts of health and disease, clinical judgment, the meaning of human dignity, the definition of death, and the significance of beneficence, virtue, and consensus in health care. The series seeks to publish the best of philosophical work directed to health care and the biomedical sciences.

Since its appearance in 1975, the series has created an intellectual and scholarly focal point that frames the field of the philosophy of medicine and bioethics. From its inception, the series has recognized the breadth of philosophical concerns made salient by the biomedical sciences and the health care professions. True to its original commitment, the series publishes monographs and collected works addressing issues ranging from bioethics to the philosophy of science focused on medicine. Its subseries include Asian Studies in Bioethics and the Philosophy of Medicine, Catholic Studies in Bioethics, and Classics of Medical Ethics and the Philosophy of Medicine. With over one hundred volumes in print, no other series offers as substantial and significant a resource for philosophical scholarship regarding issues raised by medicine and the biomedical sciences.

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