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Space Exploration

Space Exploration

Series: Springer Praxis Books

Originally published with the series title: Springer-Praxis Series in Astronomy and Space Science

The Springer-Praxis Space Exploration program covers all aspects of human and robotic exploration, in earth orbit and on the Moon and planets. Books tell behind the scenes stories of the early missions, both manned and unmanned, covering the human and engineering aspects of the space programs of all the leading spacefaring nations. Accounts of planetary exploration encompass the very early missions through to the very latest results received from space probes to the planets and their moons.

The books are well illustrated with figures and photographs, with targeted use of color throughout. They feature recommended further reading and glossaries and appendices where appropriate.

The books are written in a style that space enthusiasts and historians, readers of popular magazines such as Spaceflight and readers of Popular Mechanics and New Scientist will find accessible.

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