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New & Forthcoming Titles | Future Education and Learning Spaces

Future Education and Learning Spaces

Future Education and Learning Spaces

ICT & Education in Uncertain Times

Series Editors: Tlili, Ahmed, Burgos, Daniel, Chang, Maiga

ISSN: 2731-0140

This series focuses on the possible education responses that can be implemented in uncertain times. Uncertainty could happen in times of crises or also in normal situations, where some information or actions are not known, resulting in uncertain educational scenarios. Besides, it also shows how emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Educational Games and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, will reshape the future of education to provide efficient learning/teaching experiences and assessments. Furthermore, the series discusses innovative pedagogical and learning approaches (e.g., the use of open educational practices and peer-to-peer learning) that can be applied in this rapid moving technological era to maintain education, including in uncertain times. Particularly, new instructional methods, such as game-based learning, should be designed based on the integrated technologies to provide effective learning experience, resulting in better learning outcomes. Future education should not solely focus on technology, but also on the applied instructional methods, as well as the human touch to maintain authentic and effective learning experience. The series also discusses how learning spaces can be designed to meet the growing tendency of Open and Distance Education, where thousands of learners can be taken the same course from different cultures, backgrounds and learning needs.

This series aims to establish itself, through the published books/textbooks and research, as a medium to provide guidelines and recommendations for different stakeholders, including policy makers, educational designers, teachers and students on how to enhance both learning and teaching experiences in the future for better learning outcomes, as well as how to maintain education in uncertain times. It also provides one-step ahead towards future education to prepare different stakeholders for the rapid evolution of education, even in times of uncertainty.