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New & Forthcoming Titles | Chinese Maritime Cases Series

Chinese Maritime Cases Series

Chinese Maritime Cases Series

Series Editors: Davies, Martin, Lin, Jiang

ISSN: 2730-9851

The primary aim of this series is to, for the first time, provide the academics, practitioners and businessmen worldwide with a crucial source to perceive how the specially designed Chinese maritime courts apply, interpretate and develop the shipping law in practice to strike a balance of interest among the domestic and international market players. Each year, China trades with other states in trillions of USD, and more than 90% of the cargoes are carried by ocean-going ships. In view of the enormous trade volume and maritime activities, foreign trading houses, shipping companies and marine underwriters, as well as their legal advisors, are keen to track down the developments of Chinese maritime law and court practice so as to predicate and avoid the potential problems or resolve the emerging disputes properly. Cases and judgments are regarded as a crucial source of learning. However, so far, no serial Chinese casebooks, which contain full English translation of selected judgments, have been published. The authors try to make an audacious break-through in this field. This series has a secondary aim: to establish a core part of the database, which can be further developed to be an innovative tool for the foreign students, professors and lawyers to have a systematic study of Chinese maritime law.