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Nutritional Neurosciences

Nutritional Neurosciences

Series Ed.: Essa, Mohamed

ISSN: 2730-6712

‚ÄčThis book series aims to publish volumes focusing on both basic and clinical research in the field of nutritional neuroscience with a focus on delineating the effect of nutrition on brain function and behavior. The books will examine the role of different nutrients, food agents and supplements (both macro and micro) on brain health, neurodevelopment, neurochemistry, and behaviour. The books will examine the influence of diet, including phytochemicals, antioxidants, dietary supplements, food additives, and other nutrients on the physiology and metabolism of neurons, neurotransmitters and their receptors, cognition, behavior, and hormonal regulations. 
The books will also covers the influence of nutrients and dietary supplements on the management of neurological disorders. It details the mechanism of action of phytonutrients on signaling pathways linked with protein folding, aggregation, and neuroinflammation. The books published in the series will be useful for neuroscientists, nutritionists, neurologists, psychiatrists, and those interested in preventive medicine.

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