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New & Forthcoming Titles | Informed Decisionmaking for Sustainability

Informed Decisionmaking for Sustainability

Informed Decisionmaking for Sustainability

Series Editors: Berkman, Paul Arthur, Vylegzhanin, Alexander N., Young, Oran R.

ISSN: 2662-4516

This book series offers a roadmap for humankind to address issues, impacts and resources that either cross or extend beyond the boundaries of nations. The book utilizes the high north as a case study, recognizing that we are entering a globally significant period of trillion-dollar investment in the new Arctic Ocean. Responding to current urgencies and future needs – promoting cooperation and preventing conflict – this book series utilizes an international, interdisciplinary and inclusive process to generate options that contribute to informed decision-making. Inclusive stakeholder engagement in this book series involves decision-makers and thought leaders from government, business and society at local to international levels. Their insights reveal common interests that are an essential first step toward balancing common interests with national interests for the benefit of all in the Arctic Ocean. Similarly, inclusive geospatial analyses involve socio-economic and biophysical data that underlie informed decision-making for operational and strategic purposes. Together, these interpretations are synthesized with existing governance records into plausible futures that reveal options to achieve sustainable development in the Arctic Ocean, combining built elements and governance mechanisms as fundamental features of the necessary infrastructure to sustain global use of the high north. As a legacy, the holistic decision-support process elaborated in Sustainability of Shared Marine Regions – integrating stakeholder perspectives, geospatial analyses and governance records in an inclusive manner – offers humankind a rigorous evolving approach to promote stability and sustainability across the Earth.