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​As organizations strive to address the new realities of surviving and exceling in today’s pressing economic times, they need to keep abreast of the latest issues and trends impacting their operations. This series of monographs, texts, and edited volumes explore the ways in which human resource issues and trends impact the short- and long-term viability of organizations. Theory, research and practice useful for interpreting, analyzing and evaluating topic areas to a broad range of disciplines are highlighted. The series seeks to focus on issues and trends related to topics such as workplace learning and development, research methods in organizations, workplace incivility, aggression and violence in the workplace, career development, organizational change, workforce development, race, ethnicity, gender, LGBT, and disability workplace studies, cross-cultural perspectives, creativity and innovation, and motivation, among others.

Each contribution to the series will add something significant to scholarly discourse about the topic. The monograph or edited volume could be appropriate as a text to augment specific human resource development, human resource management, organizational behavior, and management college courses. Each title in the series could also serve as a resource to administrators, managers, and CEOs interested in understanding human resource issues and how best to optimize the potential of individuals for not only their own benefit, but the organization.

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  • Thomas G. Reio, Jr.

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