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New & Forthcoming Titles | Local and Urban Governance

Local and Urban Governance

Local and Urban Governance

Series Ed.: Nunes Silva, Carlos

ISSN: 2524-5449

This series contains research studies with policy relevance in the field of sub-national territorial governance, at the micro, local and regional levels, as well as on its connections with national and supranational tiers. The series is multidisciplinary and brings together innovative research from different areas within the Social Sciences and Humanities. The series is open for theoretical, methodological and empirical ground breaking contributions. Books included in this series explore the new modes of territorial governance, new perspectives and new research methodologies. The aim is to present advances in Governance Studies to scholars and researchers in universities and research organizations, and to policy makers worldwide. The series includes monographs, edited volumes and textbooks. Book proposals and final manuscripts are peer-reviewed.


The areas covered in the series include but are not limited to the following subjects:


•        Local and regional government

•        Urban and metropolitan governance

•        Multi-level territorial governance

•        Post-colonial local governance

•        Municipal merger reforms

•        Inter-municipal cooperation

•        Decentralized cooperation

•        Governance of spatial planning

•        Strategic spatial planning

•        Citizen participation in local policies

•        Local governance, spatial justice and the right to the city

•        Local public services

•        Local economic development policies

•        Entrepreneurialism and municipal public enterprises

•        Local government finance

•        Local government and sustainable development

•        Anthropocene and green local governance

•        Climate change and local governance

•        Smart local governance


The series is intended for geographers, planners, political scientists, sociologists, lawyers, historians, urban anthropologists and economists.