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Silk Road Research Series

Silk Road Research Series

Series Ed.: Li, Xiao

ISSN: 2524-390X

Since the international development strategy known as “Belt and Road” was officially proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, the field of Silk Road studies has attracted renewed attention around the globe. Springer Nature, together with the SDX Joint Publishing Company, has built upon this development with their new academic publication, the Silk Road Research Series (SRRS).


As a high-level, interdisciplinary academic platform, the Series will provide both established academics and ambitious early-career researchers an opportunity to present their work. While a considerable part of the research related to the Silk Road is being pursued in China and being published in Chinese, we consider it vital to encourage and assist Chinese experts with publishing their research results in English and in a Western style in the Series.


As a new conceptual approach, the focus of SRRS will not only be on the historical, extensive Silk Road trade network that connected the Eurasian civilizations in the distant past; it will also shed light on the contemporary political and economic dynamics that shape the new Silk Road. The content will cover a broad spectrum of fields, including history, archaeology, linguistics, religious studies, geography, art and economics from prehistoric to modern times, and ranging from the Mediterranean and Egypt to Western and Central Asia and China.