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Molecular Catalysis

Molecular Catalysis

Series Editors: van Leeuwen, Piet W.N.M., Claver, Carmen, Turner, Nicholas

ISSN: 2522-5081

This book series publishes monographs and edited books on all areas of molecular catalysis, including heterogeneous catalysis, nanocatalysis, biocatalysis, and homogeneous catalysis. The series also explores the interfaces between these areas. The individual volumes may discuss new developments in catalytic conversions, new catalysts, addressing existing reactions and new reactions regarded as desirable from a societal viewpoint. The focus on molecular insight requires an appropriate attention for synthesis of catalytic materials, their characterization by all spectroscopic and other means available, and theoretical studies of materials and reaction mechanisms, provided the topic is strongly interwoven with catalysis. Thus the series covers topics of interest to a wide range of academic and industrial chemists, and biochemists.

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