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New & Forthcoming Titles | Pan-African Psychologies

Pan-African Psychologies

Pan-African Psychologies

Series Editors: Thompson, Chalmer, Nicolas, Guerda

ISSN: 2523-8264

African people and their descendants from various regions of the Diaspora have endured a history of struggle that has been replete in violence and structural oppression. Offering a psychology of Black people entails an understanding of these pervasive, sustaining structures and their intersection with culture, gender socialization, and the panoply of “isms” that shape people and contexts.  What is needed as part of a knowledge base on Black psychology is an elaboration of the common themes that cut across global contexts and the conditions that characterize specific regions, all of which have bearing on individual, interpersonal, and societal functioning. More than ever, there is an urgent need for psychological scholarship that unapologetically centers race and the ever-changing role of context in understanding the history, struggles, and strengths of Black lives and communities around the globe. The series seeks to make a novel contribution to the broader area of critical & radical psychology by drawing on marginalized voices and perspectives and by engaging with the praxis agenda of improving the lives of African/Black peoples. It both seeks to critique oppression (more particularly, of the racialized, neo-colonial world) and provide prospective strategies (practices of liberation, of peace) to respond to such forms of oppression.